Friday, December 03, 2010

A Peace of Me by T.N. Williams

About the Book

Celia Alexander assumed she had faced the ultimate test of faith when her husband, Khalil, went to prison, but as she becomes involved in the disappearance of a girl linked to Khalil, she soon discovers evil has no boundaries.

Detective Hovan Sarkisian is wrestling with his own troubles when the case is dropped in his lap. The investigation brings out well-kept secrets, and Hovan is forced to confront his past.

Khalil Alexander may be incarcerated, but he is far from confined. He has created an unusual business operation to feed his disturbed mind and fund his hopeful release.

Celia and Khalil's daughter, Kaleia, hides her pain like a well-worn diary. The troubled sixteen-year-old heads down a destructive path, invisible in plain sight. While mysteries unravel and truths are unveiled, Celia learns that her family's peace will depend on faith and wisdom.

Book Review

In Peace of Me, T.N. Williams did something very few authors have done in the genre of Christian Fiction and that's deliver something different. Peace of Me is the story of Celia Alexander, a single mother who's ex-husband is in prison for an unthinkable and unforgivable crime. She's struggling to be a mother to her children who as a result of their father's behavior, have issues of their own. In an attempt to make peace with the past, Celia begins to search for a missing teenage girl. Celia has proof that the girl had been linked to her ex-husband, but will what she find be worse than she imagined?

I enjoyed Peace of Me from the first to the last word. The prologue is riviting and the subsequent chapters don't disapoint. Strong character development and great pacing make for a quick read. The strong spiritual message of faith and forgiveness is accomplished through the characters actions, not through sermonic preachy undertones. Can you tell I loved the delivery?

Williams always touches on touchy topics. Readers will remember these characters and their stories long after they close the back cover. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Rhonda McKnight

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