Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary

It seems like just yesterday that I started Urban Christian Fiction Today and now the blog is celebrating it's one year anniversary. Isn't that cool?

Alot has happened in the year. I've posted about 60 author interviews, 9 book club features, quite a few guest blogger posts, writing and inspirational columns, countless updates on publishing, writing contest, writing events and some personal stuff about my debut novel, Secrets and Lies which had a title change from Issues of the Heart back in September.
I hope you'll all agree that I kept my word that I would do gentle marketing for my novel, as the intent of this blog is really to highlight all African-American Christian Fiction and not just my work. But I have to say I'll be beefing up the self-promotion over the next few months. Secrets and Lies is coming to a book store near you December 1, 2009, and hey a sistah has got to sell books!!! (I promise not to take over.)

I plan to do a feature titled "What Happens After I Sign the Contract" to just kind of chronicle my publishing journey for my aspiring writer readers. That'll begin in May. But in the meantime I feel like celebrating. How about a sneak peak of my book cover? It's just a draft, and the line at the top is ALL wrong. If you can manage to read it, please ignore it completely.
Here's a little teaser I wrote for the book:

It’s hard enough to keep a secret without telling a lie, but when you’re married it’s almost impossible. In Secrets and Lies, the Morgan’s marriage is collapsing under the weight of both. Against the backdrop of old memories, new enemies, and a plot for revenge this intense drama unfolds addressing several relationship issues; communication, honesty and trust among them. The story takes readers into the complex mind of Dr. Jonah Morgan; a man who’s dedicated his life to physically healing children, but he’s emotionally and spiritually sick himself. And can his wife, Faith, keep the “faith” when Jonah’s accused of the unthinkable? Or when a woman’s fed up, is she truly fed up?

Let me know what you think, and thanks so much for taking the time to read UCFT. I know there are countless blogs you could spend your time reading. I appreciate the support of those who visit here.

Many Blessings,

Rhonda McKnight

Also - don't forget to pre-order! Just click on the picture or click here...


La Monica R. Smith said...

Congratulations Rhonda on the 1st anniversary of your blog. Honestly, with all the stuff you've covered on the blog, it seems like it's been around forever. You've been such a blessing to your fellow published authors and those of us aspiring to get there through this blog. Keep up the good work and I pray you're still up and running when I publish my first YA novel! :o)

Beverly said...

Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary -- I hope you have many more.

Your upcoming book sounds interesting and will have us thinking thought the issues you raise.

Ty said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! It's been a pleasure to watch your blog grow and the cover is looking good so far.



Rhonda Irby said...

Woohoo Rhonda,

Congratulations on the first year of your blog! I can't wait to get my hands on Secrets and Lies, I know it's going to be off the chain. You are an inspiration for us newbies!!!

Michelle Sutton said...

Oooh la la! Is that the cover!!! It's beautiful! You know I have to read this book since I started it when it was not yet sold. :)

Sharon Ball said...

Rhonda, how exciting that you've reached the one year mark with your blog. Congratulations! And also congratulations on your upcoming debut novel Secrets and Lies.

LaShaunda said...


Congrats on your first year. I love the blog and look forward to the posts.

I like the cover, can't wait to read the book. Doing the snoopy dance for you.

ashea goldson said...

Congratulations, Rhonda. I'm sure this is just the beginning. Continue to be blessed in all that you do.

sherri lewis said...

Happy Birfday!!!!
Thanks for all you do for writers and readers on your blog. I'm proud of your success. This is only the beginning of where God is taking you!

Patricia Sargeant said...

Happy Anniversary, Rhonda! Best wishes for many, many more years with Urban Christian Fiction Today.

Secrets and Lies sounds wonderful! It addresses deep, emotional issues. I'm going to preorder a copy.

Best wishes for continued writing success!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Ms. Rhonda.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Happy Anniversary! Your book cover looks nice! Keep up the good work!

trina_novel said...


I am so proud of you. Your blog is a motivational inspiration and an education all rolled into one gorgeous package. Thanks for all that you do and continue to do. Happy anniversary!

PS: I so wanna be like you when I grow up:) Love Ya!

Yasmin said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck on the impending launch of your debut release.

Rhonda McKnight said...

I've been a complete cad. Just gobbled up all the congrats and didn't post my thanks. You guys know it was in my heart.

Thanks for celebrating with me.