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Author Interview - Bonnie Hopkins

Today, I welcome author, Bonnie Hopkins to Urban Christian Fiction Today. Bonnie is one of the authors I met at the Faith and Fiction Retreat last summer. I purchased her novel, Seasons, and while I admit the Seasons became a Christmas gift, I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this novel because Bonnie really managed to wet my appetite for the story. Plus my girlfriend raved that Season was one fo the best books she'd ever read.

Welcome Bonnie. Introduce yourself to my readers.
I am a happily retired woman who resides in the Houston, Texas area. I live close enough to my grandchildren that I am able to interact with them frequently, and that is a joy. I am currently enjoying my second career as a writer of Christian novels. I am a prayer intercessor in several intercessory groups; I serve in my church and volunteer as often as possible in worthy causes. My most rewarding endeavor is as mentor/coach to a group of aspiring writers and others who just want to be inspired to pursue their God-given gifts.

Tell us about your new release, Now and Than, Again.
Now and Than, Again
is the story about a woman whose past is strewn with deep disappointments and hurts. But she has overcome them (she thinks) and is finally beginning to experience new and exciting things. However, just as she begins to savor these new things, a devastating demand issued by an unexpected person from her past sends her reeling with shock. She is forced to face ugly truths about herself when she is challenged to actually WALK her Christian TALK. But strongholds of unforgiveness, hurt, anger and fear, hidden in the rut of her soul, defeat her. Every aspect of her new life is threatened, as these strongholds joyfully wave the flag of victory, and mock her when it seems she is failing the ultimate Christian tests of love, faith and unforgiveness.

Who is your favorite character and why?
My favorite character in the story is Savannah Sinclair – known as ‘Vann’ to family and friends. I love this character’s strength, wisdom and determination. She is the one everyone around her depends on for help in their time of need, - which she tries to give – even in the midst of her own troubling situation.

What would you like readers to take away from this story?
I would like the readers to turn the last page of this book filled with the assurance that God never forsakes His children; that He has the power to reach into the past and bring restoration, renewal and redemption into their present circumstances and relationships. I pray their faith will be stronger, as they are reminded through the story that NOTHING IS OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS IT’S OVER.

How long have you been writing? When did you realize you were gifted/called to write Christian Fiction? I have only been writing books a very short time. Contrary to most writers, who grew up with the desire to write books, I had no idea I would be doing this. It was only as I started down the path to developing my own inspirational greeting card line, and decided to make a devotional a part of it, that I discovered God desired something more from me. I went a few rounds with God over it, and as you can see, God won. Truthfully, it took me a while to realize that writing inspirational books is indeed God’s purpose for my life. But God knew it all along, and it’s truly amazing when I look back over my life and see how God navigated the circumstances of my life to prepare me for this writing journey. Readers can go to my website and read my entire testimony about how God directed the course of my life to bring me into His purpose – writing inspirational stories.

What has been one of your most rewarding experiences since publication?
My most rewarding experience is when someone tells me how much my book(s) blessed them, drew them closer to the Lord, or motivated them to make a Godly decision about a situation they were dealing with. And I am overjoyed when they tell me that they are reading it over and over. This assures me I am fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.

What’s been disappointing or difficult? The most disappointing and difficult thing has been my inability to publish more inspiring books to bless others. As many may know, the publishing road is filled with unexpected delays.

Anything else you’d like to share? Although long in coming, this is the most fulfilling and rewarding season of my life. I would like to encourage anyone who may be struggling with finding their purpose in life to continue to pray and trust God. Believe me, He will make it crystal clear in His own timing. But be prepared to jump in with both feet when it happens. And whatever you do, never give up!

How can readers contact you? Where are your books sold.
E-mail:; Website:
The book is available in major bookstores and on-line outlets.

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