Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Club Feature - Sistahs in Harmony and Sistahs in Conversation

Today I welcome Sistahs in Harmony and Sistahs in Conversation Book Clubs. I found out about this club through my fellow sistahs of the pen, Anointed Authors on Tour. When Tia McCollors shared she was going to Stockton, California, I visited their website and found that the book club hosting them was sponsoring a scholarship luncheon.

Welcome, tell us about the Sistahs in Harmony and Sistahs in Conversation. Our journey with ten Christian women began five years ago with the purpose of reading Christian Fiction Books. We decided on the name Sistahs In Conversation Christian Book Club. Our first meeting was held in my home. As the news spread throughout the community, a need developed for another book club, thus, Sistahs In Harmony was formed. We now have 22 members between both groups. We meet every six weeks.

So are you one book club with two chapters? We are two separate book clubs under the same leadership. We both read the same books. We also share the same objectives, which is to Honor the Lord with what we rea, to offer readers fresh, contemporary and entertaining yet scripturally sound fiction and nonfiction by talented Christian authors; and assist believers and nonbelievers in discovering the relevancy of the Bible in our contemporary, everyday lives.
What types of books do you like to read and how do you make your reading selections? Our groups enjoy reading Christian Fiction. Suggestion for selection of books are done by each member of both groups. When selecting books members must always look for books that will lead you back to hope, truth and inspiration found in the word of God. These books should show us one or more saved characters in the readings. I am always looking at books to help out with the selection. Authors will sometimes send me a copy of their books to read and we often select from these books. Authors that would like for us to consider their books please email me at sistahdjm (at) yahoo (dot) com

What format do your meetings take? Most of our meetings are held in the members home sometimes we meet at other venues. It really depends upon who is hosting and where they would like for us to meet. We always start our meeting out with a word of prayer inviting Our Lord Jesus Christ to take charge for the evening. The facilitator for the evening takes over with discussion and questions. The questions are used from the readers guide and from the facilitator herself. Meetings are usually held on Friday. Refreshments are served before we have our book discussion.

Tell us about a recent Christian Fiction book you’ve enjoyed and why? We have just had the opportunity of reading five great books from The Anointed Authors on Tour. The stories that they have written let us all know that all things are possible through Christ. One of the lessons learned was through Divas of Damascus Road by Michelle Stimpson This story show how the women all shared faith, hope, strong family bond and forgiveness. The Truth About Love by Tia McCollors shows us how powerful prayer and sisterhood can be in our lives.

What types of stories would you like to see more of in Christian Fiction? We would like to see more family stories with more of the story line including children. Stories of Redemption.

You recently held a scholarship event. Tell us about it. This scholarship luncheon began five years ago with both book clubs getting together for a yearly celebration. We began having a small dinner with our members and their invited guest. Then we decided to host a luncheon and invited 50 women and featured a bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray. Our first luncheon was so well received that we had to expand and look for larger locations. God gave us the vision to focus on our graduating youths from high school bless them with a scholarship from the proceeds.

This year we featured the Anointed Authors on Tour. Norma L. Jarrett, Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Tia McCollors, Michelle Stimpson and Shewanda Riley. These ladies blessed us with their anointed literary works.

The number of book clubs in the African American community has grown by leaps and bounds. Tell me why you think that is? The love for reading and the awareness of African American Authors.

Please share anything else you'd like us to know about your book clubs. We are constantly thanking God for his favor upon our book club ministry and upon our events. This year we had a sold out event and women are asking when our next event will be. Please email Donna at sistahdjm (at)yahoo (dot)com if interested in our Annual Scholarship luncheon.

Thanks so much Donna for your time. Your group is truly awesome and I’m so glad I learned about you through the Anointed Authors Tour. It does my heart good to know there are so many readers out there who not only want to be entertained, but would like a story with some sustenance. Thanks for joining me and I pray God’s abundant blessings on each and every member of your groups and your future scholarship luncheons.


Anonymous said...

Great feature on Sisters in Harmony and Sisters in Conversation!

The Sisters are a great group of ladies. Every thing they do is first class.

Wanda B. Campbell
Illusions (Urban Christian)
February 2009

Anonymous said...

Very good story, Rhonda. I like the book club features and this group of women is really reaching for the stars and doing above and beyond what other clubs do.

Kim Hutchinson

Jessica said...

What a cool book club! That sounds like so much fun.
And congrats Rhonda, on your sale to Kensington. I didn't even know they had a christian imprint. :-) Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Awesome book club. It's amazing how much you can do when you expand your role.