Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nia Promotions Virtual Launch Announcement

Last week I spent several hours in a meeting with a publicist gleaning her expertise about book promotion. Granted I'm more than a year away from holding my novel in my hands, but the marketing of a book should begin a long time before the book actually hits shelves. Alot of authors visit this site and we all need to know good marketing resources. So with that I've decided to share anything good that I find. This week that good thing is Nia Promotions.

Nia Promotions is a great operation and the owner, Dana Pittman is a class act. She's done a great deal of work with my writer's group, Visions in Print, so I had the opportunity to work with her first hand. This week she's conducting a virtual tour of her services and here's a video that tells us what Nia Promotions is all about.

I'll continue to join Dana all week as she shares Nia Promotions with us, so check back everyday!

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