Thursday, September 11, 2008

African American "Christian/Inspirational" Market Comes of Age

This was an interesting article in PW a few weeks ago. Probably should have had "Christian or Inspirational in the title because that is the focus. I hope acquisitions editors in the CBA and ABA read it and consider expanding their offerings of African American fiction. The readers and writers are out and you, included.

African-American Market Comes of Age

Angie Kiesling of Publishers Weekly

A rising crop of new authors

Within religion publishing, it’s hard to miss the surge in growth over the last several years of the African-American market. Industry professionals of all stripes-agents, authors, editors, PR gurus-will tell you the market demand is there, the desire to reach the market is there, and strong sales records of heavy-hitting backlist authors and new literary voices promise to keep demand high. But if ever a market required targeting the right way or finding the heart and soul of its people and communities, it’s this one.

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