Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Victoria Christopher Murray - Book Giveway!!!

Okay, it's time for a Victoria Christopher Murray book giveaway. I'll have several over the next week or so, and we'll start with Temptation. The book that began it all. (By the way, it's a brand new book.) Here's the synopsis:

"Kyla and Jefferson Blake count their sixteen years together as a wonderful blessing from God. Their marriage is passionate, their daughter is a joy, Jefferson's medical career is prospering, and they have loyal friends. Kyla knows her newly divorced and lifelong friend, Jasmine, is desperately unhappy and no amount of prayer or encouragement seems to help. Yet what Kyla doesn't know is that Jasmine has a plan to move her life forward with the type of man she feels she should have married in the first place. A man like Jefferson. Alexis Ward, Kyla's best friend, is single and successful and willing to wait for the right man for all the right reasons. But when "Mr. Right," Dr. Brian Lewis, finally appears, she finds herself facing a new challenge.Does she really have to walk away from what she believes in order to have a man in her life?As people who love God, Kyla, Jefferson, and Alexis discover, each in their own ways, what happens when they truly allow God to be first in their relationship.

Sound tempting? Post a comment answering the following:
You find yourself shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island. You're wishing you had your favorite fiction book. What's the title? Who's the author? Why is it your favorite?

Make sure to sign your post and either leave your email address in the post or email me at with the subject VECM Book Giveway. Make sure I can match your email to the post. That means sign your name. You can't just email. You have to post.

Good Luck!


Michelle said...

I LOVED this story even more than the Ex-files. I borrowed it from my library.

Anonymous said...

If I was shipwrecked and stranded I would want copy of ...I can't name just one. What if I said I want a kindle with access to 100 titles as I can read a book every 2hours if I'm focused.

Rhonda McKnight said...

Now you see, some folks just can't follow the rules. If you were on a desert island ya kindle wouldn't work. No signal. But I'll let you slide on ingenuity.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

If I was shipwrecked and I had to have my favorite fiction book it would be "Flame" by Stephanie Perry because it was a book I can relate to now that I have gotten myself into a relationship and temptation is always there. It shows individuals how to handle temptation when it get real hot and heavy. I really enjoyed the book to!

Anonymous said...

My Favorite author for the past several years is Victoria Christopher Murray. And I would have to say my favorite book of hers is "Joy." And from what I understand from Victoria it is the lest sold of hers. I truly don't understand why. But at the end a light bulb lite up in my head at the very end. I didn't realize how much I identified with much of the ending. I felt it ministered to me in a way I can't describe; it brought tears to my eyes. I didn't even realize the connection into the very end, even in the title of the book. My middle name is "Joy" (actually Joice)

Lynda J.

Anonymous said...

You find yourself shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island. You're wishing you had your favorite fiction book. What's the title and who's the author? Why is it your favorite? Even though nowadays I read murder mysteries and I might want one of those with me, too (I can't just take ONE book, can I?), the book that has always comforted me, made me laugh and just helped me to enjoy a ham and cheese sandwich is Georgette Heyer's COTILLION. I'm not sure why I love this book so much, probably because I've had it so long and read it so often - it's been part of my life for a long time. It's in tatters now, but I'd cry if I ever lost it. :)

Lupe M. Gonzalez, Working Writer
Writing stories by and about Latinas and their lives and loves.
Too Late For Romance? (Debut Book, digital,Dec 2007; print Jun 2008 The Wild Rose Press)

Anonymous said...

If I had to be shipwrecked with only one book it would be the Holy Bible because it would be the inspiration I need to survive this ordeal.

Tina Allen

Anonymous said...

I never heard of this author. I mostly read romance, but Temptation sounds like a romance type story. I'd like to win.

If I was on a deserted island the book I'd most like to take with me is the Hideaway series by Rochelle Alers

I'll email my address.

Kim Hutchinson

Patricia W. said...

I started to say Roots but that's not fiction.

I'd have to say Lori Wick's The Princess. I've read it several times and I fall in love with both the hero and heroine all over again every time I read it.

Missy said...

I already have the book on my shelf and have read it but I love literary games and

Title: The Bible (all 66 books)
Who's the Author: Several humans
Why is it my favorite: Because baby if I'm on an island I am going to need Jesus to keep me company, sane and well feed in His Father's word and spirit.
Missy - Laverne

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda,

If I found myself shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island I'd want my favorite books, The whole Grace Series by Kendra Norman-Bellamy because of the love and romance between the couples, the love and friendship in each individual to one another and those funny moms - hilarious. I really love that series, I tend to replace myself with Grace wishing I was her. LOL


Rhonda McKnight said...

Our contest winner is Carmen!

Carmen email me your address at

and I'll put it in the mail!

Congrats. We'll have another contest next week!

Anonymous said...

If I were shipwrecked and had one book with me it would be Waiting to Exhale By Terri McMillian. This book for me had a little bit of everything. I saw me or others I love in the book. I can also watch the movie over and over...but since it is an island with no electricity...the book will more than do it for me.