Sunday, June 29, 2008

Book Giveaway Winners

Okay, so perhaps there were some trick questions. No one got all the answers right so I just threw all the names in the old hat anyway. Here are the answers:

1. Which of Victoria's books is being optioned for a movie? Joy

2. Who are the people Victoria would most like to meet? Jesus, Barack Obama, and Oprah (some left out Jesus)

3. Too Little, Too Late is her _8_ th novel? That includes the young adult novel. Quite a few said 7.

4. What is the name of Victoria's first young adult fiction book? The title is actually Diamond. Divine Divas is the name of the series. Ain't I a stinker.

5. What year was Tempation published? 1997 was the year it was self-published, in 2000 it was picked up by Walk Worthy/Time Warner. Either answer was fine.

The winners are:

Temptation - Carmen Harris

Joy - Carol Gaskins

Truth Be Told - Tina Allen

Too Little, Too Late - Dee Stewart

Thanks for participating.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I actually won a book. Thanks Rhonda and congrats to the other winners. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July. Rhonda, I enjoyed the blog on Brittney Holmes and will looking for her two books for my teen who is always looking for something to read can't wait to read future blogs for this month.

Tina Allen