Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Minute Publicist

Having a best-seller can really make an author's success and increase future book sales, so it's important. Without question making the New York Times bestseller list is the "Oscar" of list for authors. Recently three African American fiction authors made the extended list. Romance author, Brenda Jackson was among the group. I'm along time Brenda Jackson fan and although I haven't read her work in recent years, I have received some encouraging emails from her when I wrote asking questions about her writing journey. I'm thrilled for her, but I have to admit, I'd be more thrilled to see an African American Christian fiction author make the list. So, I'm on a campaign to make it happen and I invite you to join me. It'll only take a minute of your time.

Be a One Minute Book Publicist
It's an easy thing to do. It means you agree to do one thing--just one thing that takes less than a minute--to help spread the word about an author's book. Maybe write a post in your blog. Or call or e-mail your local library and request they order the book. Or recommend it to a book club. Forward the author's eblast to your circle of friends or even just telling a friend who you know reads can help.
Let's start with Victoria's new release "Too Little Too Late". She's an awesome writer and she's been on the brink of making it for the last couple of years.

Jasmine is determined to keep all her secrets and hold onto her man, Hosea, for good—by any means necessary. But with Hosea’s ex-fiancĂ©e back in town, has the crafty and conniving Jasmine finally met her match?

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Too Little, Too Late: A Novel

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