Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Michelle Larks

Today I welcome Christian Fiction Author, Michelle Larks. Michelle is the author of Keeping Misery Company and several other self-published titles. Welcome Michelle!

Tell us about your latest book, Keeping Misery Company: Keeping Misery Company is the story of a minister’s daughter, Ruth Wilcox, her husband, Daniel, leaves her for a younger woman. Ruth’s brother Ezra, is estranged from the family, and is in the last stages of AIDS. She tries to bring about a family reconciliation.

What inspired you to write Keeping Misery Company? A woman who’d read my book Crisis Mode, asked me to write a story about a married couple, who’s children leave the nest, and the husband leaves the wife for a young woman. Thus Keeping Misery Company was born. Although, she didn’t come out and say it, I believe it was the woman’s story.

Tell us about your writing process? I usually work on a character outline, appearance, professions, where they live, etc., when I begin writing a new story. As I write the ideas flow from my mind. I write 3-4 hours a day, and also keep a note pad nearby, or use my palm pilot to jot down ideas that I feel will enhance the story.

Your publishing credits include several self-published works. Tell me why you chose to self-publish and what advice would you give to other aspiring authors who are considering this option? Self-publishing was the rage a few years ago, and one of my sister’s gently nudged me, and said it was time for me to begin writing. For me, personally, it was a good way to learn the literary business, and make contacts that would be useful, if I was able to take my writing to the next level. I would tell aspiring authors to keep self-publishing in mind as an option. I would caution them that it can be expensive, and the author has to wear many hats. Overall self-publishing has been a satisfying experience for me.

What’s been the most exciting thing about being with a mainstream publisher? The most exciting thing about being a mainstream author is using the gift God gave me to write stories that touch and inspire lives. The second most exciting thing is the ability to reach a wider audience. The first week Keeping Misery Company was released, I received a flurry of emails from readers, telling me what stores they’d spotted Keeping Misery Company in.

I asked Michelle some personal questions and here are her answers:

Favorite color: My favorite colors are earth tones. I love combinations of beige and brown.

Favorite time of the year: My favorite time of the year is definitely summer.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? If I could anywhere in the world, it would be on a European cruise.

If you could have a one hour meeting with the person of your choice (living or deceased) who would it be and why?
I’d love to meet my deceased Grandmother, who died giving birth to my mother. I’d like to know her as the person, her personality, likes and dislikes, and what made her tick, instead of hearing secondhand information.

If you were going to a deserted island and could only take one fiction book with you, what would it be?
If I were stuck on a deserted island, I’d have to have a copy of Child of God by Lolita Files with me. It’s a book I can always read it, again and again.

What would readers be surprised to know about you?
Readers would be surprised to know that I am shy, and quiet by nature.

What’s next for Michelle Larks?
My new title, The Legacies, will be released by Urban Christian Books in July of 2008. I can hardly wait!

How can readers contact you?
Readers and bookclubs can contact me, at michelle.larks@comcast.net, and on my website, http://www.michellelarks.com/, and via MySpace at www.myspace.com/michellelarks
Thanks for stopping by Michelle. I'm looking foward to The Legacies.


Anonymous said...

Michelle Larks is a marketing machine, for real. I love her energy and although Christian literature is not my reading preference, I follow Machelle's work. Keep on keeping on Michelle.

Minnie e

Tyora said...

Great interview Rhonda!

Michelle, I'm looking forward to reading your books in the near future! :)



Missy said...

I cannot wait for your next project. I've read several of your titles and cannot chose one over the other each one I've read was OUTSTANDING...