Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Taylor-Made by Sherryle K. Jackson

About the Book
Pamela "Pill" Jones has more than baggage; she has a whole storage unit. Partially raised by her older sister, she is accustomed to struggling to survive by any means necessary. Pill has vowed to always have the best. Priding herself on being a fashionista and living the life of a commercially successful hairstylist, Pill has just one problem: money runs through her hands like water through a sieve. When she taps out her bank account, Pill is forced to realize there are some things the makeup at the MAC counter can't cover, and some burdens her Dooney and Burke bag can't carry.

Living in the shadow of his cousin, Pill's husband of six months, Corey, is trying to forge his own identity with a spiritual foundation. After falling head over heels with the very sexy and self-confident Pill, Corey finds that his treasure of a wife comes with a promissory note. During the course of the Marriage Maintenance class at their church, Corey finds there is no end to their relationship issues. He hopes through prayer and devotion that they can find the source of their own individual pain, so they can heal together.

With Pill and Corey, keeping up with the Joneses means chasing after their own desires on the raw fuel of their convictions.

Book Review

Taylor-Made by Sherryle Kiser Jackson is an in depth look at how quickly marriages can fall apart when there is no communication, no trust and a failure to heal from past hurts. Ms Jackson did a wonderful job introducing her characters and allowing you to connect with them. Ms. Jackson has the ability to pull you into the story from the very beginning.

Corey and Pamela (Pill) Taylor are a newlywed couple of nearly six month and they are already having marital issues. They lack communication, they lack trust and they lack financial fidelity. He is a simple hard working man who is trying to make it on his own without the help of his family. Corey is tired of depending on and ridding on the coattails of his famous uncle and cousin. He has several unresolved issues related to his cousin that seeps its way into his relationship with his wife. Pamela works hard and she likes to look good even at the cost of the mounting bills that go unpaid.

Corey and Pamela participates in the Marriage maintenance classes at their church where the motto is We pray often, We pray together, We pray for each other, Before we let the Devil win, In our marriage, We go back and pray again, Divorce is not an option. Corey truly believes in the motto and wonders if Pamela feels the same. They go through many ups and down and ultimately come to a decision about what they want to do with their marriage.

I enjoyed reading Taylor-Made. I really pulled for Pamela and Corey. I would definitely recommend this book to others .

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Missy said...

Sounds like a good reads that for the introduction!

shejack said...

Thanks Rhonda for pulling out another review for me. It was important for me to bring Corey and Pill's story to light. I think we all have a little "Pill" in us. Missy, let me know how you like Taylor Made (

Missy said...

OkI sure will