Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Said It Would Be Easy? by Cheryl Faye

About the Book

Who Said It Would Be Easy? is the story of a man and woman who rely on their faith in God to live and love, despite formidable trials and tragedy.

Charisse Ellison is a beautiful twenty-nine-year-old single woman who is new to her faith, but convinced that her relationship with God is the only way to have the truly fulfilling life she desires—one that includes a husband and children.

Stefàn Cooper is a thirty-three-year-old bachelor who has no desire to change his ways. Tall, muscular, and strikingly handsome, Stefàn is used to getting what he wants from the opposite sex but is intrigued by Charisse’s seeming indifference to his charms. The couple’s intense romance leads them on a journey that challenges the bravado Stefàn has held on to for most of his adult life and forces Charisse to see that God’s answered prayers don’t always come packaged the way we expect.

Who Said It Would Be Easy? is a story that offers hope in situations that, at first seem hopeless, and shows that through faith in an all-powerful God, even the most painful experiences can culminate in true joy and peace.

Book Review

Who Said It Would Be Easy is Cheryl Faye's first foray in to Christian Fiction. Cheryl Faye introduces you a true Christian Romance novel without the usual steamy scenes and explicit language.

Stefan Cooper is a man with many flaws and hang-ups. He experiences heartbreak at a young age which colors all relationships afterwards. His heartbreak drives him from finding the love of his life and from God. Charrise Ellison is new to her Christian walk. She longs to be married but is willing to wait until God gives her the one. Charrise and Stefan meet and find an instant attraction but they are in different places in their Christian faith. Together they learn a lot about each other, first impressions and they grow in their Christian belief.

This book takes you through their journey of love, faith, trials and tribulations. Cheryl Faye also introduces you to minor characters who go through their own transformations to become all that God has planned for them to become.

I enjoyed this book, it gives you everything you would want from a romance novel but it also gives you more. It is a true love story, the love between two people and their love for God. Who Said It Would Be Easy? shows that when you are walking in your faith even when it seem hard and hopeless your love for and faith in God will prevail. I would recommend this book to all that enjoys romance novels and Christian fiction. It is a perfect blend between the two.

Reviewed by Janette Malcolm

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for the purposes of review.

This novel is available wherever books are sold and online at Amazon.com and other online retailers.

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