Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweeter Than Honey Blog Tour - Book Review

Sweeter than the Honey is a well written story that follows Kamilah Wright on her journey through self discovery. LaShanda Michelle wrote a gritty tale of love, faith and acceptance. Her novel takes you right into the lives of her characters.

Kamilah Wright is a seventeen year old high school senior who spends most of her free time taking care of her seven brothers and sisters, cleaning the house, cooking and making sure all homework is completed while her mother works two jobs and her father is never home. Kamilah never goes out or have fun like most teens. Kamilah had one boyfriend who violated her and contributed to her wavering faith. Her only true friend is Eric a friend she has known for almost all of her life. Eric is the love of Kamilah’s life but he only sees her as a friend, when Summer enters the picture everything changes.

Summer Freeman is a free spirit who takes Kamilah on a wild ride. With Summer’s help, Kamilah learns to relax, have fun and love herself. Kamilah also finds the love that she desperately seeks. This newfound love takes Kamilah away from her family, best friend and her faith. She has to learn how to stand on her own and discover what is important to her.

In the end Kamilah must decide what she wants most from her life, a relationship that goes against her beliefs or her faith.

There were many moments in this book that made me question if this was truly a Christian Fiction novel. As I continued to read I stopped many times and checked my own attitudes and prejudices. I had to realize that just because I hate the sin, I still like the person. This book, though parts may be difficult to read, places a mirror in front of society and asks; where do you stand? What truths do you choose to believe?

Reviewed by Janette Malcolm

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