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Destined by Pat Haley - Book Review

Destined is the second in Patricia Haley’s Chosen series. Inspired by the biblical kings David and Solomon. The battle for power was started in Chosen. In Destined, brothers Joel and Don Mitchell battle for control of their late father’s multimillion dollar ministry, DMI. Don is the eldest son on Madeline and the late Dave Mitchell. Dave and Madeline built their forty year old ministry together, and Madeline continues to work for the ministry. Don, Dave and Madeline’s eldest son, was groomed by his father to one day run the family business. Joel, Dave’s son with second wife, Sherry, also worked for the company. As Dave’s health quickly falters, he appoints Joel as CEO of this ministry. This comes as a surprise to everyone, but Dave contends that God spoke to him and instructed him to appoint Joel. Don, feeling robbed, hurt and betrayed, flees to South Africa and starts his own business, which quickly thrives.

Joel, driven by power and wealth, quickly puts the ministry at risk. Don returns from South Africa to help his mom save the ministry from Joel’s path of destruction. Along the way, there is romance, broken hearts, and a marriage of convenience or in better terms a business marriage.

Destined is a must read. This was my first time reading Ms. Haley’s work, but it will not be my last time. However, before you read Destined, I would strongly suggest reading Chosen, so that you will have the background information on the characters, their relationships, etc. I am anxiously awaiting Broken, the third book in the series. I highly recommend this book, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Reviewed by Deniece C. Shelman

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Missy said...

Deniece - thanks for your review of this book, I can certainly feel your passion behind this review. I had already added the "Choosen" series to my TRL but if I had not your review would've prompted me to do so immediately after reading it.