Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreams That Won't Let Go

My Review:  4 of 5 stars

Sibling Rivalry
Building on the characters she created in the prior two novels, The Someday List and Worth A Thousand Words, author Stacy Hawkins Adams introduces a new progression in the Burns family drama, Dreams That Won’t Let Go. The third installment of the Jublilant Soul series did not disappoint. It is definitely a novel that could be read without having to go back and read the prior two, but honestly, they’re great books, so I say why not read them all?

In Dreams That Won’t Let Go, we meet up with the ugly twins jealousy and envy amongst sister and brother. Sibling rivalry always makes for a juicy read, especially when it’s written by someone as talented as Ms. Hawkins Adams.

Indigo Burns is engaged to be married and would be enjoying the preparations if her prodigal brother, Reuben had not returned home, and how dare he decide to stay. Reuben Burns is a looking for a safe place to heal but struggles with his personal demons and failures. Indigo loves her brother, but resents him a great deal at the same time. This was apparent from page one and did not let up until almost the end of the story. Indigo really had to grow to get to the place where she could help him. Likewise Reuben had to grow in order to help himself. The themes of family resilience, love and faith were addressed realistically and thoughtfully. Ms. Hawkins Adams did a wonderful job of illustrating the pain and frustration of family tension in the midst of a huge faith challenge. I loved the resolution to the issues the characters had.

The strength of the novel was the emotional intensity and various plot twist that will definitely keep the reader turning the pages. I highly recommend this novel.

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