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The Last Woman Standing Blog Tour

The Birth of the Last Woman Standing

Tia McCollors, author of The Last Woman Standing (August 1, 2009), stops by Urban Christian Fiction Today. Learn how she received the concept behind her latest book release.

I was eager to share the concept for my new book and told one of my writer-sister-friend about what was then an untitled manuscript.

It would be the story of two ex-spouses, their continued love for each other, and their possible reunion.

Did an expression of pure glee spread between her two high cheek bones? No. It was more like pure horror. I guess I should’ve expected it. She was a divorcee and the thought of falling back in love with her ex-husband made her swoon. I cradled her back in case she decided to collapse to the floor. Oh well…maybe that part is an exaggeration.

But once I realized I wouldn’t have to perform CPR, we laughed at her reaction. The funny thing was that years ago her own parents had divorced – and remarried. From the time I’d met my writer-sister-friend’s family, I’d likened them to the Cosby family. Their love among each other – the parents and their three daughters – is visible. Dare I say when you’re with them all in a room together, there’s a sweet aroma around them.

So the idea for The Last Woman Standing wasn’t farfetched. You know what they say. One person’s fiction is another person’s reality. I knew it was possible for God to restore the marriage of a divorced couple, even before I’d learned about my writer-sister-friend’s parents. It had also happened to a couple that’s close in my life. I also knew that there were times when a potential reunion ended in disaster.

But regardless of whether a woman ends up reuniting with her husband and God, or with God alone, one thing is true. If you want to be a woman who stands for something, you have to be a woman willing to fall to her knees in prayer.


Lynette Bowers had no intention on falling in love with her ex-husband, “Ace” Bowers. After all, it has been ten years since their marriage ended, and two years since the beginning of his relationship with the younger and prettier, Sheila Rushmore. Besides Sheila, everyone knows that only a fool makes the same mistake twice, especially when it comes to marriage.

Ace seems stuck between his past and his future. With his conflicting emotions, he risks losing two women who hold a significant place in his heart. It’s going to take his faith and God’s love to handle the ensuing drama.

Sheila is starting to see Ace’s ex-wife as a threat to her lifelong dreams of achieving the happily-ever-after. Sheila is used to getting what she wants – except Ace’s commitment to marriage. When Sheila realizes Lynette may be the cause, she launches a plan to play the hand of God, instead of allowing Him to bring the love all three of them desire.


Tia McCollors is the author of four Women's Fiction books. Read the question below to see if you can answer it and provide the name of the book in which it was featured.

Tia is blessed with the gift of writing, but if she could choose another gift to add to that what would it be? (Visit for the answers.)

Leave your answer in the comment section. All post with correct answers posted to the blog comment sections will be entered in a random drawing for prizes. The more you post (with correct answers) the better your chances. Winners will be contacted via email and also posted on Tia’s Blog, “From Tia’s Pen”.

Contest prizes include:
1. $5 gift card to Smoothie King or Panera Bread (Winner’s Choice)
2. $5 gift card to Chick-Fil-A
3. $10 gift card for Border’s
4. Autographed copy of The Last Woman Standing
5. Autographed copy of The Last Woman Standing

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Tangie said...

If Tia wasn't a writer, she would be a singer!

Patti Lacy said...

Ooh, I would love the Panera Card but not as much as the autographed book.

Thanks, Tia, for providing an exciting new read!

Patti Lacy

From Tia's Pen said...

Can I answer my own question? Because I really need those gift cards! Ha! Thanks for hosting me Rhonda...and you had a good interview in the post under it, too!

Rhonda McKnight said...

Tia's it's my pleasure to host you. I knew the answer, but figured I'd let someone else go for the gift card. :o)

Ty said...

Just dropping by to say thanks to Rhonda for hosting Tia on Urban Christian Fiction Today. I will stop back by to see how we are doing with the answers. :)

Renee Williams said...

"If you want to be a woman who stands for something, you have to be a woman willing to fall to her knees in prayer."

Wow Tia! This is such a powerful statement!! I cannot wait to read this book.

And the answer to the trivia question is sing. :-) I wish I could sing! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this book. The best books are on this blog. I'll be ordering this weekend.

Oh and Tia wants to be a singer.

Kim Hutchinson

Rhonda McKnight said...

I agree Renee, powerful statement and so Tia. She's an inspiration. Great wife and mommy.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a really good book. I'll have to see how she gets these exes back together. So awesome about your writer friend's parents. God is able.

Singer! Everybody wants to sing when they can't. Ha, ha. Rhonda wants to be a singer, too. Glad she's writing books!

Margaret Brown
gaynell7747 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sharon Ball said...

I was all set to say news anchor, but singer seems to be the popular answer. anchor or singer. I'll anchor. :-)Ha! You thought I was gonna say singer didn't you?

I love the premise of Tia's book. Sounds like a great read!

irisceleste said...

sing! do i win the book? LOL rhonda, you know how i love me some free such.
great interview. great site.