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Interview with author, Kimberley Brooks

I'm excited today to have an interview with a dynamic woman of God. Kimberley Brooks is the author of fiction and non-fiction titles and she's going to share the ministry God has birthed in her. Welcome to Urban Christian Fiction Today, Kim. Tell us about yourself. Thanks for having me here, Rhonda. Well, I've been writing ever since I was about 8 years old – poems, short stories, plays, you name it. Once I got saved at 18 and prayed about my purpose in life, it was then that God revealed that my passion for writing is part of the calling that He has for me. I majored in English at Michigan State University and a few years after graduation God called me to the ministry so I attended a two-year Bible college and later a licensed minister. So now I'm blessed with the opportunity to minister the Word of God creatively through books. To God be the glory!

I remember the first time I read the title “He’s Fine But Is He Saved?” I laughed out loud literally because I got a mental picture of sistahs all over the country whispering that very question on Sunday morning as a handsome man enters the church. Tell us about the first novel and what inspired it. (LOL) The funny thing is, as a grade-schooler I would always right stories about “boys” and relationships. It's almost as if I was destined to write romance novels. I wanted my very first novel to be something I and my single friends, and other single ladies can relate to, and I still wanted to write about my favorite subject - “boys.” Lol My debut novel, “He's Fine...But is He Saved?” is about the daily challenges and triumphs three single, saved, girlfriends face while waiting to be found by love. Sandy is the “babe in Christ,” who loves God, but also loves the attention she receives from men and she finds herself in some interesting situations. Liz, the evangelist, is also the “super-spiritual one” who needs “no man but Jesus” so she gives men a hard time. Michelle is the glue of their friendship and the mature believer who is not out here chasing men, but is believing God for her Boaz. She ends up dating Pierre Dupree, their church's finest and most eligible bachelor, so by the end of the novel the reader discovers whether or not Pierre was The One.

So now in the follow we have what happening in book 2, “He’s Saved But Is He For Real?”
The response from my debut novel, which went on to become a Black Expressions Bestseller, was so great – that my readers wanted more. I hadn't planned on writing a sequel, so it was written mainly for them. It continues on the love journeys of Michelle, Liz, and Michelle and gets deeper with their own personal issues. Michelle must choose between the ex-boyfriend who betrayed her and a new man, while minister Liz finds her insecurity and jealousy threatening her relationship with her man of God, and Sandy's loneliness leads her into the arms of the one brotha who should be off-limits. Most tell me they enjoyed the sequel better than the first, and some have read the sequel first and are now going back to read the first book. Both novels are available in bookstores nationwide.

Any personal experience with your character’s journey?
Lol I get that question a lot. It's all good. To be honest, the character I relate to the most is Michelle. She's the balanced one. She has her own desires for marriage, but she basically prays about every opportunity she is presented with and makes pleasing God her #1 priority. While all her experiences in the novel are not similar to my own, I will admit that she and I share similar thought processes.

With all the daunting news about women out numbering men, the increase in homosexual and down-low men, it seems like slim pickings for the single woman, saved or unsaved. What do you say to that? Well, the Word tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. We, women have to remember that we're not out here believing God for fifty men, we're only believing God for just one, so we have to trust and believe that the God we serve has a man of God out there for us, and that our steps are ordered by Him and as long as we continue on the journey that God has for us, then He will make sure our destinies cross. I try not to get all caught up in statistics, because if it were up to statistics, then no body would get married because no one would have any faith. You have to have faith that you will meet and marry the man that God has for you in His season for your life, not your season but His season, and not be weary in well-doing.

Kim, you’re a licensed minister and highly sought after speaker. Tell us about this aspect of your ministry. I'm actually called to be a minister before I'm an author. The books are just tools God is using right now to help get His Word out. Throughout my novels, the character's pray together, and as they find themselves facing different challenges they always go to God and each other for support. I write with my readers in mind, knowing that they may be going through something similar. I've had many tell me, after they read the book, which character they can relate to the most, or that they were going through a similar challenge as one of the characters, or that they were the “lonely one” like Sandy and end up getting blessed as Liz and Michelle encouraged her. To me, that's ministry. After writing the first novel, I realized that a lot of struggles we, single believers, face on a daily basis are similar, the enemy has no new tricks when it comes to feeding lies to our minds, which is why I wrote my first non-fiction book, The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints.” It's a miniature, yet powerful book broken into 6 chapters filled with prayer confessions and Scriptures on how to overcome loneliness, sexual temptation, impatience, jealousy, insecurity, and lack of forgiveness as a single believer. Autographed copies are available through my website,

What’s next for Kim Brooks in terms of Christian Fiction? Any more books in you?
Yes, definitely! I'm working on my next non-fiction book for singles now, and I also have ideas for more Christian Fiction books. My next fiction release will be with all new characters and new drama – with Jesus as the Way Maker ;0)

Kim, I'm going to label you my expert of the day on this subject so would give the ladies looking to end their singleness some good sound, Holy Ghost inspired advice. I would just like to encourage the singles to stay focused on pleasing God and maintaining your relationship with God – on a daily basis – in order to not get anxious or make wrong decisions in relationships because you're looking at statistics, or how long you've been “dateless,” or your age. Know that God doesn't operate on our timetable. We may look at the fact that we're at a certain age and thought we would be married with kids by now, but God looks at where you are now in your relationship with Him, so use this time in order to allow God to prepare you for the mate that God has for you, while He's also preparing your mate at the same time. Keep active, pursue your purpose, have fun and live your dreams now instead of waiting on your “Knight in Shining Armor.” Allow your Heavenly Father to be your Knight in Shining Armor now and be content knowing your desire will come to pass in due season, knowing that your mate will be an added blessing when he shows up, not the blessing. The ultimate blessing is true contentment, peace and happiness in a life that serves and pleases the Lord.

Great interview. Thanks so much for stopping by, Kim.

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