Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Janice Said... Book Review for the Exorsistah

Starting with this entry, Urban Christian Fiction will begin to post book reviews by Janice Ingle of J. Ingle Reviews. Welcome Janice, glad to be partnering with you.

This is what "Janice Said" about Exorsistah by Claudia Mair Burney:

Ms. Burney has introduced us to Emme, a young sister who has survived the perils of the foster care system only to step straight into the ominous world of demon possession and at the same time is ambushed by the precariousness of young loves first bite. Now Emme is used to seeing demons and knows that by using the Word of the Lord she can keep them off of her. But on her first day of freedom she meets a young, fine Blacktino brother who is not only kind but can also feel the demons she can see!

Their first encounter is with a dude who is obviously up to no good. Emme can see that big ugly demon hanging onto, and trailing behind him and that fine Blacktino brother can feel it. Between the two of them they have on the full Armor of God and by fiercely welding the Sword of the Spirit they take that big demon down!

Now her Blacktino wants to feed her, buy her Prada and introduce her to his exorcist papa. Emme is down with the first two but she is real leery about number three until she finds out her very best friend, Jamilla, is the one who needs exorcising. What’s a girl to do?

The Exorsistah is a great read for young adults and all readers. Ms. Burney not only gives our younger readers insight on young love but she also eases in lessons on abstinence and restraint. She takes us on a journey into the similarities of our different faiths and shows us that as children of God we can all work together in unity when it comes to doing His work.

This is the kind of book that is entertaining, informative and a great read. Thank you Ms. Burney!

J. L. Ingle, Reviewer

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