Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm a Celebrity

Well, almost...

I had my first interview last night on Internet radio, specifically, Ella Curry's Black Author Network (BAN). BAN decided to showcase African American Christian Fiction. The show included Dee Stewart, Book Reviewer (http://www.christianfiction.blogspot.com/) and Christy Award Judge (http://www.christyawards.com/) , and several authors including Sherri Lewis (http://www.sherrilewis.com/), Tia McCollors (http://www.tiamccollors.com/), Dwan Abrams (http://www.dwanabrams.com/), cecelia dowdy (http://www.ceceliadowdy.com/), Shelia Lipsey (http://www.shelialipsey.com/), and about five more including...me. I was there to talk about my novel, Issues of the Heart.

I have to admit, I spent several hours preparing for this show, because I recognize every opportunity to talk about Issues of the Heart is indeed that, an opportunity. Even though I know my book inside out, I didn't want to stumble over my words or worst become a victim of the "Ummmms", which I do often when I have to talk off the top of my head, so I practiced. I read my blurb several times, revised my book summary, made notes about the key elements of the story, and on and on because I am really very anal for a creative person...then Ella suprised me by just asking me to tell her about how I got started writing. Duh, I wasn't prepared for that one, but fortunately, that one was easy enough to tell, because of course only "I" know how I started writing. It was a great question and I enjoyed answering it. I also enjoyed sharing my testimony about how I committed to Christian Fiction as a genre. So, yes, I'm a celebrity, in my own world. I'm proud of myself for not only keeping the "ummmms" down, but for stepping out there and sharing the most important aspect of who I am, and that's a person who really loves the Lord.

Next stop, Oprah!

Check me out in the archives for 4/28/2008. I'm about halfway through the show.
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Black-Author-Network .




Dee S. said...

Rhonda, you crack me up. Great blog and I'm so excited that you're blogging. Now I can retire:)

Rhonda McKnight said...

No Way. You are the Queen of Blogging about Christian Fiction.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda!

I loved this entry. I am going to have to drop by more often.

I've read Zora's Cry a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I'll get Tia's new release to keep up with the girls in Zora's Cry.

I am really looking forward to your novel. Be blessed.


Rhonda McKnight said...


Thanks so much for stopping by. Please share our upcoming conference with writer friends.